We are a marketing consulting company that is designed to assist businesses with increasing clientele and improving customer relations through various marketing/media plans and administrative functions using low cost strategies. * Also available for projects requiring a Project Manager.

Administrative Services Marketing Services

  1. Database creation/Maintenance – Business Plans and Reviews
  2. Reports/Presentations – Marketing Plans/Strategies/Promotions
  3. Business plans & proposals – Marketing reviews and assessments
  4. Mass Mailings – Development of Mktg. Materials (content)
  5. Meeting & Event planning – Website reviews and strategies
  6. New Hire Training & Support – Customer Relations & Retention Program
  7. Virtual Administrative Support – Referral Building Programs
  8. Resumes/Bios – Competitive Analysis & Much More
  9. Social Media Plans & Strategies
  10. Promotional Products (Discounted printing and logo items)

Allow LVisions to become your marketing outsource provider. Here’s how we can help:

  1. Provide out-of-the-box strategies to improve customer service and increase sales
  2. Review your marketing collateral for effectiveness
  3. Review your marketing efforts to align with overall company goals and budget
  4. Provide advice that will help you avoid the common pitfalls of advertising and marketing (wasted and misdirected funds)

Special Offer: Mini Jump Start Packages $100.00

  1. Business Review (Top 5 areas for improvement)
  2. Marketing Assessment/Review— (explore new strategies and review current marketing activities for improvement)
  3. Customer Profiling (define your target market and/or survey your clients)
  4. Marketing Plan (define target market and top 5 strategies to implement)
  5. Social Media Plan (start-up plan)
  6. Business plan (vision, mission, purpose, competitive analysis (top 2)
  7. Competitive Analysis (Top 5 competitors)
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