Let’s Get Started!

Grab a pen and notepad and start answering the questions below. Remember this is the area most people want to skip (planning).

Phase I – this is your foundation phase and is critical to your success – Do Not Skip!!!

  1. What is your passion? If you can do what makes you happy and make money do it- you can’t be stopped.
  2. Start your planning process
    1. What will you offer (product or service)?
    2. What gap are you filling?
    3. Why is it important?
    4. Who needs it?
  3. Start researching your competition (many businesses are no longer in existence)
    1. Who are they?
    2. Where are they?
    3. What do they offer and how is your offering different and better?
    4. How can you do it more efficiently and effectively – how can you save your target market time and money?
  4. Start your business plan (this section you can complete before bringing in a professional) A business plan is your roadmap to success and will keep you on track.
    1. Goals – what do you want to accomplish?
    2. What is your specific product or service? (also provide detailed description)
    3. Executive Summary – who are you and why are you starting this business? Explain experience or background that will support your business concept.

Seems like work – It Is. Things that are easy to come by are often not worth having. There’s nothing extraordinary about ordinary people. Which one are you? Make the first step to a successful future.

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